Clematis X

clemsamaritanjo (300x297)Clematis SAMARITAN JO (syn. ‘Evipo075′) (Evison 2013) – A compact clematis bred for growing in containers or for use in small urban gardens. It flowers from May to September with single to semi-double blooms of silvery-white with distinct purplish-pink margins. Tolerates part to full sun exposures. Grows  4-5’ tall. Pruning group C. Hardy to zone 4.

clematisempress (300x296)Clematis EMPRESS  (syn. ‘Evipo011’) (Evison-Olesen 2001) – A stunning double clematis which looks like ‘Nelly Moser’ on steroids with pink/white outer petals and a prominent stamen boss. The blooms are quite heavy and do require some shelter from strong winds to prevent breakage. A sport of ‘Josephine’. Grows 6-8′ tall. Pruning group B. Hardy to zone 4.

clematissaphyraindigo (300x298)Clematis SAPHYRA INDIGO (syn. ‘Cleminov51’) (Arene-Querand 1994) – This French cultivar is a cross of ‘The President’ and Clematis diversifolia ‘Olgae’ which resulted in dark purplish-blue flowers which are recurved and somewhat twisted. It makes an excellent container specimen and blooms continually from June to Sept. Grows 3-4′ high. Pruning group C. Zone 4.

clemramona (300x296)Clematis ‘Ramona’ (syn. ‘Hybrida Sieboldii’) (Jackson & Perkins 1888) – A highly popular variety with huge (6-8″ wide) silvery lavender-blue flowers with darker purple-tipped stamens. ‘Ramona’ blooms continually from June to September, depending on the pruning used. It prefers part to full sun on the crown and shaded roots. Grows 10-16′ high. Pruning group B or C. Z4.

clematissunset (300x300)Clematis ‘Sunset’ (Steffen 1990) – A large flowered cultivar with 4-6″ wide blooms that emerge a deep magenta-red and fade with a darker bar showing. It blooms from May to June, and again in September – with contrasting pale yellow stamens. ‘Sunset’ tolerates part to full sun and is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Grows 6-10′ tall. Pruning group B. Hardy to zone 4.

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