Hydrangea Sampler III

hydrangeashowstopperdoublehotpink (300x296)Hydrangea macrophylla SHOWSTOPPER ‘Double Hot Pink’ – Part of the HGTV plant collection, this cultivar features full clusters of starry deep pink double blooms that show well against the mid green foliage. It is a compact deciduous shrub that prefers part to full sun exposures. Flowers from late spring through to autumn. Grows 2-3′ tall by 3-5′ wide. Zone 5.

hydrangeagoldrush (300x280)Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Goldrush’ (syn. ‘Nehyosh’) – A lacecap form Mophead hydrangea which is usually purchased well before the flowers appear due to its brilliant gold marginal variegation. It bears sparse pale pink florets (light blue in acidic soils) from midsummer to autumn. Best grown in morning or late afternoon sun with even soil moisture. Grows 4-5′ high and wide. Z5.

hydrangeacitylineparis (300x294)Hydrangea macrophylla ‘CITYLINE Paris’ – A compact Proven Winners selection with brilliant fuchsia-pink to red flowers borne throughout the summer. Its dwarf nature makes it ideal for growing in containers or small raised beds. This German cultivar has excellent mildew resistance and makes a good cut flower. Grows 2-3′ tall by 2-3′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

hydrangeaincrediball2 (300x292)Hydrangea arborescens INCREDIBALL (syn. ‘Abetwo’) – Another Proven Winners introduction which is supposed to be less prone to falling over (like ‘Annabelle’) with its huge pure white flowers that emerge with a green tint. This species blooms on new wood, so a hard prune in early spring is all you need. Very cold hardy. Grows 5-6′ tall by 4-5′ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hypreziosa (300x286)Hydrangea x ‘Preziosa’ – This hybrid is considered to be a cross of Hydrangea macrophylla and H. serrata, with blooms that emerge white and fade to pink, rose and then burgundy – often with all the colours showing at once. It prefers partial or open shade with even soil moisture. Flowers from late June through summer. Grows 5′ tall and wide. Hardy to zone 6.

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