Tomato Sampler 2

tomatobushearlygirl (2)‘Early Girl’ (57 days / Indeterminate) A great mid-sized slicing tomato to grow in those regions with short coastal summers. The vines are heavy producers of 4 to 6 ounce fruits and there are also determinate or bush forms of this cultivar. The shorter growing season of this variety makes it ideal for beating late blight fungus, which often appears in late summer.

tomatobumblebeepurple2 (2)‘Bumble Bee Purple’ (70 days / Indeterminate) The 1.5″ diameter fruits are borne in long trusses, with the tomatoes maturing  to red with green or purplish striping. This variety works well in containers as long as it is supported with a firm stake and ties. The flavour is quite complex and lends itself to cutting in half and drizzling with balsamic vinegar for fresh eating.

tomatorapunzel (2)‘Rapunzel’ (68-70 days / Indeterminate) A novelty vining tomato with excessively long , cascading trusses that often produce up to 40 fruits each. They are small at one ounce  but incredibly sweet, making them ideal for vegetable trays or eating right off the bush. This is a good choice for home gardeners who want ample supplies of fresh tasting tomatoes on hand.

Tomato'IndigoRose' (2)‘Indigo Rose’ (75 days / Indeterminate) A compact vining tomato with dark fruits that mature or are ready to eat when they shift to a purplish-brown with a red base. The purplish colouration is a result of conventional breeding and the presence of the antioxidant anthocyanin. The 1.7 ounce tomatoes still have a pleasant acidic sweetness.

tomatohealthkick (2)‘Health Kick’ (75 days / Determinate) A breeding breakthrough which produces sweet, dark red fruits (weighing about 4 ounces) with 50% more of the antioxidant lycopene. The tomatoes are plum-shaped and quite juicy, with plants reaching four feet tall when staked or supported. The smaller size makes them ready for the salad bowl with just a few chops.

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1 Response to Tomato Sampler 2

  1. tonytomeo says:

    EARLY GIRL! No way! That is almost as classic as ‘Roma’. I grew that up until about 2005. I have not looked for it recently because others pick out the tomato varieties. It is good to see that it is still out there.

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