Tomato Sampler 3

tomatosweet100 (2)‘Sweet 100’ (70 days / Indeterminate) This old standby cherry tomato will produce hundreds of one inch diameter fruits from midsummer through to frost. It is a vigorous climber which requires staking and often reaches heights of five feet or more. This cultivar is reasonably disease resistant and the fruits have excellent flavour and a high sugar content.

Tomato'StripedStuffer' (2)‘Striped Stuffer’ (85 days / Indeterminate) A novelty tomato with bell pepper-shaped red fruits with orange striping and a relatively hollow interior which is easily cored – making it ideal for stuffing and baking with your favourite filling, topped with a little melted cheese. This German heirloom variety is a vining tomato and can reach heights of 6 feet tall.

tomatosunsugar (3)‘Sun Sugar’ (75 days / Indeterminate) A yellow cherry tomato that really lives up to its name with half ounce fruits packed with flavour and sweetness. They are quite crack resistant and productive, meaning that there are fresh tomatoes available from midsummer on. If you have been on the fence about the bland flavour of low-acid yellow cultivars, then try ‘Sun Sugar’.

tomatotumblingtom (3)‘Tumbling Tom’ (65-70 days / Determinate) The premier tomato cultivar for container growing or hanging basket applications. ‘Tumbling Tom’ produces heavy yields of 1-2″ rounded fruits. Expect the plant to cascade anywhere from 20-24″ down when grown in hanging baskets but the branching is sturdy. The skin is firm but the flesh is both juicy and flavourful.

Tomato'Sugary' (2)‘Sugary’ (60 days / Semi-Determinate) A 2005 All-American Selection Winner with tapered half ounce fruits borne in clusters like grapes. This cultivar lives up to its name with a true tomato flavour and a sugar content 10% higher than comparable cultivars. Despite its semi-determinate nature, the plants are quite vigorous and will require some pruning.

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1 Response to Tomato Sampler 3

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Wow! Three in a row. This time it is Sweet 100. We have Sun Sugar at work right now. It is quite productive, but everyone else gets them before I do.

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