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Traditional Beer Brewing Herbs

German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) – It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the herbal tones of chamomile combine well with beer, particularly pale ales and wheat beers. Both the aforementioned German chamomile and the perennial Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) can … Continue reading

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Traditional Beer Spices

Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum syn. Asperula odorata) – You may know this plant as a somewhat invasive groundcover, but it has also been utilized for hundreds of years as a herb used to infuse flavour in traditional German wheat beers (Berliner Weiss) … Continue reading

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Captivating Citrus

Citrus x meyeri (syn. Citrus x limon ‘Meyer’) – Many local gardeners such as Bob Duncan of Fruit Trees & More (North Saanich, BC) are successfully growing these outdoors in Canada. However, he shelters his espalier under a glass awning and covers it … Continue reading

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Hot & Beautiful Peppers

Capsicum annuum ‘Basket of Fire’ – A Chili pepper that is as beautiful as it is tasty, these are a favourite for growing in containers or hanging baskets. The small tapered fruits mature from a creamy-yellow to orange, and finally a … Continue reading

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Rodney Davey Marbled Hellebores

Helleborus x ‘Pippa’s Purple’ – This sister plant to ‘Anna’s Red’ bear pinkish-purple blooms accented with a huge boss of pale yellow stamens. These are produced from February to April on contrasting reddish flower stalks. The deep green foliage is heavily … Continue reading

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Novelty Vegetables

Chenopodium capitatum (syn. Blitum capitatum) – Strawberry Spinach may look quite exotic but is native to much of North America and parts of Europe – where it has been eaten since the 1600’s. The leaves are a potherb that are cooked like … Continue reading

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Unconventional Teas

Camellia sinensis f. rosea ‘Blushing Maiden’ – This tea camellia is a hardier form of Camellia sinensis ‘Rosea’ introduced by Piroche Plants back in 1992. It features pale pink flowers (as opposed to the traditional white) which appear from late autumn into winter. I have … Continue reading

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