Lupines II / Lupinus

lupinisthechatelaine300Lupinus x russellii ‘The Chatelaine’ – One of the Band of Nobles Series, this RHS Award of Garden Merit winner bears bicolor blooms of pink and white, usually from June to July. They will thrive in part to full sun with fertile, well-drained soils. These make beautiful cut flowers and will draw in the hummingbirds on a regular basis. Grows 3-4′ tall by 18″ wide. Zone 3.

lupinusgallerywhite (300x299)Lupinus ‘Gallery White’ – These biennials or short-lived perennials bear pure white flowers over deep green palmate foliage. The Gallery Series are more compact in height, making them a better choice for mixed border plantings. It is reasonably mildew resistant and will self-seed around itself. A good option for the Alba garden. Grows 18-24″ high by 18″ wide. Z3.

lupinusthundercloud300Lupinus polyphyllus ‘Thundercloud’ (syn. ‘Royal Thundercloud’) – An old-fashioned variety with dark violet and purple spires borne from June to August with deadheading. It attracts butterflies and makes an excellent cut flower for the vase. Consider planting with Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’ or Solidago ‘Fireworks. Grows 30-36″ high by 24″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

lupinusgalleryyellow (300x299)Lupinus ‘Gallery Yellow’ – The Gallery Series was developed from Lupinus polyphyllus with this variety featuring soft yellow to two-tone spires over palmate, deep green foliage. It is a beautiful foil for ‘Gallery Blue’. The longest flower displays are achieved with regular deadheading. A perfect filler perennial for the cottage garden. Grows 18-24″ tall by 18″ wide. Zone 3.

lupinusthepages300Lupinus x russellii ‘The Page’ – Another of the Band of Nobles Series and as such it has earned the RHS Award of Garden Merit . It bears carmine red /  pink bicolor blooms with established plants bearing multiple flowering stems. These add height and structure to the perennial or mixed border when in bloom. Attracts bees and butterflies. Grows 3-4′ tall by 18″. Zone 3.

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Petunias III / Petunia x hybrida

petuniarimmagenta (300x287)Petunia x hybrida ‘Cascadias Rim Magenta’ – A trailing petunia with abundant smaller blooms of a deep magenta-purple exquisitely edged in ivory. These are borne from late May through to October with regular feeding with higher phosphorus. ‘Cascadia Rim Magenta’ is a great choice for hanging baskets and large containers. Grows 12″ high by 16″ wide. Annual.

petuniaflashmobbluerite (300x292)Petunia x hybrida ‘Flash Mob Bluerific’ – A real breakthrough form for petunias with bright bluish-purple blooms with paler centers (and a yellow throat) that give the appearance of a colour explosion. It has a strong spreading habit that shows well in patio planters and hanging baskets. It is best fertilized with a slow-release 14-14-14. Grows 10-16″ tall by 20-30″ wide. Annual.

petuniachachingcherry (290x300)Petunia x hybrida ‘Cha-Ching Cherry’ – An eye-catching Petunia with jewel tone colours of deep cherry red and primrose yellow presented in a star or pinwheel pattern. The striped blooms stand well on their own or they can be combined with white Bacopa or yellow Bidens. They form compact, mounded plants with nicely contrasting mid-green foliage. Grows 10-16″ high by 16-20″.

petuniaindiansummer (300x295)Petunia x hybrida ‘Cascadias Indian Summer’ – This petunia is a true work of art with large variable blooms of yellow, orange, pink and terracotta that create a canvas of colour. These stand up well as a solitary hanging basket specimen or as a focal point in large containers. It has a cascading habit and blooms all summer with regular feeding. Grows 8-20″ high by 36-48″ wide. Annual.

petuniaautumnmystery (300x297)Petunia x hybrida ‘Cascadias Autumn Mystery’ – The muted or antiqued look of the creamy-yellow blooms accented with mahogany-brown to rich burgundy centers adds a touch of class to any garden. This petunia is well branched, creating a full display for window boxes and hanging baskets. Blooms for about 3 months. Grows 12-14″ high by 16-20″ wide. Annual.

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David Austin’s English Roses IV

rosaladyofshalot (285x300)Rosa ‘Lady of Shalott’ (syn. ‘AUSnyson’) (seedling x seedling) – An intricate English rose as far as colouring is concerned with apricot and salmon-pink petals, backed in golden-yellow. It has an equally enticing scent with spicy apple and clove, balanced with tea fragrance. The buds are also a striking orange-red on this repeat blooming rose. Grows 4′ tall by 3-4′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

rosamary (300x295)Rosa MARY ROSE (syn. ‘AUSmary’) (WIFE OF BATH x ‘The Miller’) – A standard among the English roses with large rose-pink flowers with loose petals that repeat throughout the summer. It has strong old rose fragrance with a hint of honey and makes a beautiful cut flower. Produced ‘Redoute’ and ‘Winchester Cathedral’ as sports. Grows 4-5′ tall by 3-5′ wide. Zone 5.

rosatess2 (296x300)Rosa TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES (syn. ‘AUSmove’) (‘The Squire’ x seedling) – A beautiful dark crimson rose with deeply cupped flowers that will occasionally nod with their weight. These have a pleasant old rose fragrance that isn’t overpowering and it will grow 6-8′ tall with support. The shrub itself is quite prickly with mid-green foliage. Grows 4′ tall by 3.5′ wide. Zone 5.

rosaalnick (300x294)Rosa THE ALNWICK ROSE (syn. ‘AUSgrab’) (seedling x GOLDEN CELEBRATION) – The smaller blooms (averaging 2.75″) open a rich pink and fade with age, with a cupped form. The flowers are blessed with a strong old rose fragrance, with just a hint of raspberry. It repeat blooms throughout the summer over lush green foliage. Grows 4′ tall by 3′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

rosacharlesdarwin (300x297)Rosa CHARLES DARWIN (syn. ‘AUSpeet’) (seedling x seedling) – A yellow to buff bloom which opens rounded at first and matures to a shallow cup form. These bear a strong lemon fragrance on warm days, with floral tea being prevalent on others. It is considered quite disease resistant with medium green foliage on nearly thornless stems. Grows 4′ tall by 3.5′ wide. Zone 5.

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Purple-Flowered Perennials V

penstemonmidnight (300x293)Penstemon x gloxinioides ‘Midnight’ (syn. ‘Russian River’) – The stately spires of this long-blooming Penstemon are borne from late spring through to early fall with deadheading. The deep purple tubular flowers are accented with some darker purple and white in the throats. Unlike many Penstemon, this one is reliably perennial. Grows 2-3′ tall by 2′ wide. Hardy to zone 6

osteospermumlavendermist (300x287)Osteospermum barberiae var. compactum LAVENDER MIST – A truly perennial African Daisy with single 3″ wide blooms that open near white and fade to pale lavender, with darker petal tips. These are borne on 12-18″ tall stalks from May through to autumn  with deadheading. Prefers a full sun exposure with good drainage. Drought tolerant. Grows 12″ tall by 15″ wide. Zone 5.

erigeronadria (295x300)Erigeron x ‘Adria’ – A beautiful Fleabane with fringed strap-like petals of violet accented by a clear yellow center. These are borne over a long period of time (from June to August) and they make excellent cut flowers for the vase. Prefers a full sun exposure  with evenly moist but well-drained soil. Pair with Molinia caerulea ‘Variegata’. Grows 2′ tall by 20″ wide. Zone 3.

salviacarradonna (293x300)Salvia nemerosa ‘Caradonna’ – A tall form of perennial flowering sage with thin spires of dark violet-blue blooms held on near-black stems. It flowers from late spring through the summer with regular deadheading. This is a great perennial for nature lovers as it attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. Grows 24-30″ tall by 18-24″ wide. Zone 3.

phaceliabolanderi (293x300)Phacelia bolanderi – The Woodland Phacelia or Blue-Flowered Grape Leaf bears pale purplish-blue flowers with white veining around the throat. These are borne from late spring into summer over mid-green foliage which somewhat resembles grape leaves. This perennial can be short-lived but often reseeds. Prefers a partial shade exposure. Grows 6-8″ tall by 24″ wide. Zone 7.

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David Austin’s English Roses III

rosacardingmill (293x300)Rosa CARDING MILL (syn. ‘AUSwest’) (‘Scepter’d Isle’ x seedling) – A blended English rose  which exhibits pink, apricot and orange colours, with just a hint of yellow. The slightly nodding double blooms have very full,  darker toned centers. Although rated as having strong myrrh fragrance, there is a definite hint of fruit. Grows 4′ tall by 3.5′ wide. Zone 6.

rosawisley (296x300)Rosa ‘Wisley 2008’ (syn. ‘AUSbreeze’) (seedling x seedling) – This English rose is named after the famous RHS Gardens at Wisley and features 3″ wide soft pink blooms which somewhat resemble an Alba rose form. It features fresh fruit fragrance with raspberry overtones and a hint of tea. The shrub has a slightly arching growth habit. Grows 4-5′ tall by 3.5′ wide. Zone 5.

rosaheathcliff (298x300)Rosa HEATHCLIFF (syn. ‘AUSnipper’) – A beautiful new introduction with deep crimson double flowers that mimic the colour of antique red Gallica roses. It has a delightful fragrance to match the blooms – with an enticing blend of tea rose, cedar and old rose fragrance. HEATHCLIFF is disease resistant with dark green foliage. Grows 3-5′ tall by 3′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

rosaqueenofsweden (300x290)Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ (syn. ‘AUStiger’) (seedling x ‘Charlotte’) – A light pink shrub rose with 3″ wide blooms that often exhibit a hint of apricot. These have only light fragrance but they make excellent cut flowers for the vase, as the blooms are long-lasting. ‘Queen of Sweden’ is very disease resistant and a good choice for an informal hedge. Grows 3.5-4′ tall by 3′ wide. Zone 5.

rosacrownprincess (298x300)Rosa CROWN PRINCESS MARGARETA (syn. ‘AUSwinter’) (seedling x ‘Abraham Darby’) – A taller English rose which can be used as a short climber or large free-standing bush. It features fully double, cupped rosette form blooms of a rich apricot with a strong fruit and tea rose fragrance. Cold hardy and also repeats throughout the summer. Grows 4-6′ tall by 4-5′ wide. Zone 5.

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Miniature Roses IV

rosacarrottop (300x297)Rosa ‘Carrot Top’ (Oleson 1991) (syn. BRILLIANT HIT, PANACHE, TOP HIT, ‘POULbril’) – This Danish hybrid features fully double deep orange to reddish-orange blooms that are about 2″ across when fully open. These are borne in small clusters throughout the growing season and have mild fragrance. Deep green foliage. Grows 18-24″ high and wide. Zone 6.

rosaminniepearl (295x300)Rosa ‘MINNIE PEARL’ (Saville 1982) (syn. ‘SAVahowdy’) – A repeat blooming miniature rose with double flowers of shell pink which open with darker salmon-rose edges and fade as they mature. It has mild fragrance and the buds have a nice tapered appearance. Upright growth habit with medium green, semi-glossy foliage. Grows 15-24″ high and wide. Zone 5.

rosalightsofbroadway (300x295)Rosa ‘Lights of Broadway’ (Saville 1994) (syn. ‘SAValights’) A modern miniature rose with blended double blooms of creamy-white with a yellow base and brilliant coral-red edging. It has no fragrance but repeat blooms throughout the growing season with regular deadheading. This rose is a cross of ‘Party Girl’ and (‘Tamango’ x ‘Yellow Jewel’). Grows 18-24″ high and wide. Z5.

rosaletchworthcentenary (299x300)Rosa ‘Letchworth Centenary’ (Harkness 2004) (syn. ‘HARjojo’) A fragrant miniature rose with clusters of 5 to 11 fully double mid pink blooms (2-3″ across) borne throughout the season. It is a good choice for massing, as the dense plants bush out well and flower on the contour. An excellent container specimen for larger pots. Grows 18-24″ high and wide. Hardy to zone 6.

rosalynnanne (298x300)Rosa ‘Lynne Anne’ (Saville 1981) A miniature rose that is as beautiful in bud (which are long and tapered) as it is in flower – it bears apricot-pink to pale orange fully double blooms which fade to creamy-pink as they mature. The petals are nicely tapered, adding to the aesthetics of the repeat-blooming flower clusters. Mid green matte foliage. Grows 18-24″ high and wide. Zone 6.

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Flowering Trees

crataeguspaulsscarlet (300x295)Crataegus laevigata ‘Paul’s Scarlet’ (syn. ‘Coccinea Plena’) – An old Hawthorn cultivar that was discovered as a sport of C. laevigata var. rosea-plena in 1858. It features striking double flowers of rose-scarlet (with white centers) in spring and golden-bronze autumn foliage. It is also quite prone to rust and often defoliates midsummer. Grows 15-25′ tall by 20′. Zone 5.

styraxobassia (292x300)Styrax obassia – The Fragrant Snowbell has coarser foliage and fewer flowers than the more common Styrax japonicus, but it is also hardier. It bears pendulous chains of pure white blooms from May to June, just before the Japanese Snowbell. The fall colour is yellow at best and the smooth grey is attractive in winter when dormant. Grows 25-30′ tall by 25′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

styraxpinkchimes (293x300)Styrax japonicus ‘Pink Chimes’ (syn. Benibana Group) – A pale pink version of the Japanese Snowbell with abundant pendulous blooms scenting the garden from late May to June. It is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner that apparently produces true to seed – which hang from the tree like a coffee bean. Good for small urban gardens. Grows 15-25′ high and wide. Zone 5-6.

laburnumalpinum (300x293)Laburnum alpinum ‘Pendulum’ – The Weeping Scotch Laburnum or Golden Chain Tree makes a great feature for smaller landscapes or even large containers. It has a pendulous form with bright yellow cascading flowers (fragrant) in late spring. This old cultivar (circa 1838) is drought tolerant once established. Prefers full sun. Grows 8-15′ high by 5-10′ wide. Z5

aesculusfortmcnair (300x297)Aesculus x carnea ‘Fort McNair’ – This cultivated variety of Red Horse Chestnut is reputed to resist the much-dreaded leaf scorch. It bears dark pink flowers with yellow throats and produces very few nuts, hence much less mess. The deep green palmate foliage turns a rich yellow in autumn. It prefers even soil moisture with good drainage. Grows 35′ high by 25′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

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