Mike’s Garden Top 5 Plants website was created to help my garden design clients (and the public at large) make appropriate plant choices for their landscapes. To find the trees, mikesgarden2 (690x800)shrubs or perennials that you are looking for, simply click on one of the many descriptions in the tag cloud on the right side and the website will bring-up all the relevant selections (there are currently over 3000 available) – for specific plants, just enter either the botanical or common name into the search engine. Please keep in mind that the plants were chosen for conditions in coastal British Columbia (zones 6 to 8) – but they would also be suitable for the UK and the US Pacific Northwest. All text and photographs are Copyright 2013 Michael K. Lascelle. All rights reserved.


10 Responses to About

  1. Megan says:

    I came across your blog and was very interested in your landscaping articles. I just had a couple of questions, so if you could e-mail me back that would be great! Thank you for your time.

  2. Mike Benny says:

    Hi Mike, I found your site doing a Google search for “Mike’s top five” – my own site (MikesTopFive.com). I hope you don’t mind if I post your blog on my blogroll. I liked to seek out other Mike’s with Top Fives.

  3. th says:

    i am spreading the word about your amazing site. such a great help for so many people. you are a saint!

  4. Sonya says:

    This is, by far, the best plant database I have come across on the internet. Well done Mike! And thank you for the time and effort you have put in. I was looking up information on certain lilies and ended up here, it’s now 5am, I’ve been here for hours and don’t really want to leave. I’ll be sharing this site as often as I can. I also look forward to many, many more hours of reading here. Thank you.

  5. Darlene brown says:

    question…can I grow a Calluna vulgaris in the house for the winter. I am in zone 2 to 2b

  6. Sharon McConville says:

    I live in Bellevue WA and want to plant Calibrochoa Lemon slice Super Bells this summer. How do I get this plant? Do you have a nursery here in WA state where I can purchase this plant? Or do you ship that plant?

  7. Janice says:

    Do you sell “Spider’s Web” fatsia?

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