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Trees and Shrubs with Attractive Fruit

Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’ (syn var. alba) – A disease resistant rose with 3.5″ wide pure white blooms (fragrant) emerging from pale pink buds in late spring, and sporadically through to autumn. These are followed by huge tomato-shaped hips that mature … Continue reading

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Shrubby Dogwoods / Cornus

Cornus alba ‘Gouchaultii’ – One of the the best shrubby dogwoods for foliar colour, as the bright green foliage is heavily edged in gold and emerges in spring with a pink tinge – these are followed by purplish-red autumn tones. … Continue reading

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Maples with Fall Colour

Acer rubrum ‘Bowhall’ – A columnar or fastigate deciduous tree often used in boulevard plantings, it grows to about 40′ tall and only 15′ wide. The 3 to 5 lobed green leaves have a contrasting greyish-green reverse, with brilliant yellow-red … Continue reading

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Vines with Fall Colour

Vitis ‘Brant’ – A spectacular dual-purpose vine which is highly ornamental and produces edible fruit. The leaves emerge a bright green, turning shades of rich orange to red in fall with residual pale green or yellow veining. These are accompanied … Continue reading

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Weeping Japanese Maples / Acer palmatum var. dissectum

Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Red Dragon’ – I consider this one of the best weeping Japanese maples for retaining its rich burgundy-red colouring into summer or in partial shade exposures. The leaves of ‘Red Dragon’ emerge scarlet in spring, darkening … Continue reading

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Drought Tolerant Annuals

Portulaca grandiflora – Moss Rose is a low growing (12″ spread) half hardy annual with succulent foliage – ideal for planting in those shallow containers that tend to dry out. Colours range from white, orange, yellow, pink, red or purple, … Continue reading

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Camellia sasanqua / Winter Camellia

Camellia sasanqua ‘Apple Blossom’ – Large fragrant single blooms of a delicate white edged in pink give it both its ‘apple blossom’ namesake and overall appeal. Reaching heights of 8-10′ with support (branching habit is quite lax), this cultivar can … Continue reading

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