Hybrid Tea Roses

Rosa ‘Fragrant Dream’ (Dickson 1989 / (‘Eurorose’ x ‘Typhoon’) x ‘Bonfire’) – A modest sized hybrid tea rose (growing 3-4′ tall) with interesting fully double apricot blend flowers that repeat bloom. As the name implies, ‘Fragrant Dream’ is strongly scented and the shrub features large leaves of a medium green hue. This rose is hardy to zone 6.

Rosa ‘Big Purple’ (syn. ‘Stephen’s Big Purple’) (Stephens 1985 / Seedling x ‘Purple Splendour’) – One of my all-time favourite roses, much in part to its delicious sweet fragrance and consistently large double blooms (up to 5-6″ across). The reddish-purple hue of the flowers is also quite unique and these sit atop a shrub averaging 4 to 5′ tall. Zone 5 hardy.

Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial’ (Lammerts 1952 / ‘Charlotte Armstrong’ x ‘Mirandy’) – This old-fashioned hybrid tea rose is still incredibly popular and was an AARS winner in 1953. The velvety red double blooms have a strong damask fragrance which garnered them a Gamble Fragrance Award in 1965. Growing 4 to 5′ tall, it features glossy foliage and makes a great cut flower. Zone 6 hardy.

Rosa ‘Rosemary Harkness’ (Harkness 1985 / ‘Compassion’ x (‘Basildon Bond’ x ‘Irish Gold’) – ‘Rosemary Harkness’ features unique orange-pink blend flowers that fade to pastel tones. The fully double blossoms are strongly fragrant with an old rose scent, and they make excellent cut flowers. These are borne on dense bushes averaging 3.5 to 5′ tall. Zone 5 hardy.

Rosa ‘Dainty Bess’ (Archer 1925 / ‘Ophelia’ x ‘Kitchener of Khartoum’) – A single-flowering hybrid tea rose might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but ‘Dainty Bess’ is still a very garden-worthy shrub. The rose pink blooms are often borne in clusters and feature a dusky salmon-pink reverse, distinctive maroon stamens and a dog rose scent (reminiscent of cloves). This repeat-blooming rose grows 3.5 to 5′ tall and is Zone 6 hardy.

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