Tomatoes / Lycopersicon esculentum (formerly Solanum lycopersicum)

Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Sungold’ (syn. ‘Sun Gold’) – A very sweet cherry tomato with up to 1.25″ fruits that mature to a tangerine-orange. This F1 hybrid is a bit prone to splitting but is quite heavy bearing and an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. ‘Sungold’ crops well even in regions with cool summers such as coastal BC. Matures in 65 days. Indeterminate growth habit.

Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Indigo Rose’ – A recent introduction from Oregon State university with intense purplish-black skin and deep red, almost plum-like flesh. This colouring is a result of the presence of anthocyanins making this saladette-sized (2″) tomato also high in antioxidants. It is an open pollinated variety (grows true from seed). Matures in 80 days. Compact indeterminate.

Lycopersicon esculentum ‘King Humberto’ (syn. ‘King Humbert’, ‘Re Umberto’) – An heirloom Italian paste tomato that was first introduced to the United States in 1884. It is one of the parents of the famous ‘San Marzano’ tomato and is a good choice for drying or making paste. The red pear to plum-shaped fruits have a slightly acidic flavour. Matures in 80 days. Indeterminate growth habit.

Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Black Zebra’ – This natural cross of ‘Green Zebra’ and a black tomato bears dark reddish-purple fruits with olive green striping. The mahogany-red flesh is juicy and sweet, with a complex smokey flavour. It is a prolific producer of 3-4 oz. tomatoes and has good disease resistance. Matures in 75 days. Indeterminate growth habit.

Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Aunt Ruby’s German Green’ – An heirloom beefsteak variety from Germany which is capable of producing fruits up to 1 pound in size. The green fruits have a yellowish blush and when ripe there is usually a hint of pink on the bottom. Highly rated for flavour. Harvest before cool weather sets in. Matures in 85 days. Indeterminate growth habit.

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