Climbing & Rambler Roses

Rosa FOURTH OF JULY (syn. ‘Climbing Fourth of July’, ‘Hanabi’, ‘Crazy for You’, ‘WEKroalt’) (Carruth 1999) (‘Roller Coaster’ x ‘Altissimo’) – This 1999 AARS winner features semi-double flowers (10-15 petals) of red with white and pink highlights borne in clusters. These have a sweet apple fragrance and repeat bloom. Grows 8-10′ high. Hardy to zone 6.

Rosa ‘Awakening’ (syn. ‘Probuzini’) (Bohm 1935) – This R. wichuriana hybrid is a sport of ‘New Dawn’ that was discovered in Czechoslovakia by Jan Bohm. It features quartered form blooms that are about 4″ across (26-40 petals). These are a soft pink and emit a sweet fragrance. It has glossy light green foliage and tolerates partial shade. Grows 8-14′ high. Hardy to zone 5.

Rosa ‘Phyllis Bide’ (Bide & Sons 1923) (‘Perle d’Or’ x ‘Gloire de Dijon’) – This climbing R. polyanthais a bit of a rarity as it is a repeat-blooming rambler. It bears small 1.25″ wide semi-double flowers that start out yellow with pink highlights, shifting to salmon pink as they age. Flowers late spring to September. Light green foliage. Grows 6-12′ high. Hardy to zone 6.

Rosa glauca (syn. Rosa rubrifolia) – This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner is often sold as a shrub or species rose, but it also makes a fine climber. It features late spring to early summer clusters of single (about 1″ wide) pink blooms with white centers. The beautiful greyish-purple foliage is borne on red stems and emerges with a burgundy tint. Grows 6-8′ high. Zone 2.

Rosa ‘Chevy Chase’ (Hansen 1939) (Rosa soulieana ‘Crepin’ x ‘Eblouissant’) – Another well-known rambler rose with once-blooming clusters of double crimson flowers with minimal fragrance. The light green foliage is borne on long flexible stems that are easy to weave through open fence lathe. Best grown in full sun. Ultimate height 15′ . Hardy to zone 6.

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