Shrub Roses II

Rosa ‘Morden Fireglow’ (syn. ‘RSM R3’) (Marshall 1976) (‘RSM F5’ x ‘RSM J4′) – This member of the Parkland Series was introduced as a cold weather rose by Agriculture Canada in 1989. It features loosely cupped 2-3″ wide roses of a tomato red held in clusters. The dark green foliage shifts to yellow in the fall and is dense right to the ground. Grows 3-4′ high by 2-3’ wide. Z3.

Rosa ‘First Light’ (syn. ‘Devrudi’) (Marciel 1998) (‘Bonica’ x ‘Ballerina’) – This spectacular shrub rose was an AARS winner in 1998 and features 3″ wide single blooms of pale pink with a darker reverse, nicely contrasted by purple stamens. These are held in large clusters borne late spring through to fall. Mild fruit fragrance with a hint of spice. Grows 3-4′ high by 2-3′ wide. Z5.

Rosa ‘Nicolas’ (Agriculture Canada 1996) (complex breeding that includes [‘Queen Elizabeth’ x ‘Arthur Bell’ x red seedling x ‘Von Scharnhorst’] x [R. kordesii x ‘Applejack’]) – A compact Explorer rose with 2″ wide semi-double flowers of a medium red held in small clusters. It repeat blooms from June to September. Disease resistant. Grows 28″ high and wide. Hardy to zone 3.

Rosa ‘Sally Holmes’ (Holmes 1976) (‘Ivory Fashion’ x ‘Ballerina’) – This shrub rose is commonly grown as a climber and always seems to be in flower. It features 3.5″ wide single blooms of a creamy-white that emerge from pointed apricot-coloured buds. These have a mild fragrance and repeat throughout the season. Nearly thornless. Grows 6-12′ high by 3-5′ wide. Z5.

Rosa ‘Freisinger Morgenrot’ (syn. ‘Frisimo’, ‘KORmarter’, ‘Morgenrote’, ‘Sunrise’) (Kordes 1988) (Seedling x ‘Lichtkonigin Lucia’) – Another shrub rose that is grown as a climber. It bears 3.5″ double blended blooms of orange and pink (which some describe as copper) with a yellow reverse, held in clusters. Grows 5′ high by 6′ wide. Hardy to zone 6.

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