Hosta X / Plantain Lily

hostahippodrome (293x300)Hosta ‘Hippodrome’ (Malloy 2001) – This cross of Hosta ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Halcyon’ bears blue-green to deep green ribbed foliage with creamy-gold margins. It produces near white flowers in early summer that are not fragrant. The foliage has a wavy edge and it also make an excellent container specimen in medium sized pots. Grows 18-20″ high by 30″ wide. Zone 3.

hostafireisland (297x300)Hosta ‘Fire Island’ (Brinka 1998) – This medium-sized Hosta is quite distinct with its bright gold leaves borne on red stems, with the foliage darkening to chartreuse by summer. The leaves have slightly rippled margins and lavender trumpet-shaped blooms are produced on 20″ scapes in midsummer. Gorgeous in a blue Vietnamese pot. Grows 10-14″ high by 24-30″ wide. Zone 3.

hostaempresswu (300x294)Hosta ‘Empress Wu’ (Skaggs 2008) – An absolute giant among Hostas, the dark green foliage (often with a blue blush) is deeply veined and tapered to a point. It can take about 5 years for this cultivar to mature and it also produces reddish-violet blooms from early to midsummer. Individual leaves can measure up to 18″ long. Slug resistant. Grows 3-4′ high by 5-6′ wide. Zone 3.

hostarainforestsunrise2 (300x291)Hosta ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ (Winterberry Farms / Anderson 2003) – This 2013 Hosta of the Year is a sport of ‘Maui Buttercups’ with cupped bright gold leaves edged in dark green that nicely corrugated. The pale lavender to near white flowers generally appear in June on 18″ high scapes. Foliage emerges a pale green. Slug resistant. Grows 8″ high by 16″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostasilvershadow (290x300)Hosta ‘Silver Shadow’ (syn. ‘Silver Shadows’)(Myerscough College) – A sport of ‘Devon Green’ with tapered deep green foliage with wispy silvery-white margins and deep set veining. It is somewhat similar in form to ‘Halcyon’ and bears pale lavender flowers. ‘Silver Shadow’ is considered slug resistant and makes a good small container specimen. Grows 10-12″ high by 18-24″ wide. Zone 3.

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