An Iris Sampler

irisbuch (286x300)Iris bucharica – This species (also known as a Juno Iris) is native to Afghanistan and central Asia and features unique green foliage that much resembles small stalks of corn. It bears 1.5-2.5″ wide white blooms with yellow falls in spring. Iris bucharica is best grown in well-drained soils with a full sun exposure. Grows 8-12″ high by 8-12″ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

irisreignofglory (300x300)Iris ensata ‘Reign of Glory’ (syn. Iris kaempferi) – This 1953 introduction (Marx) is one of the showiest Japanese Irises with blooms up to 6″ across when fully open. The pure white falls are heavily edged and veined in lavender-blue with the base of each petal marked in bright yellow. They make a bold addition to any cut flower arrangement. Grows 36″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

irissibmoonsilk (300x293)Iris sibirica ‘Moon Silk’ – Siberian iris are tough perennials and yet the dainty yellow and creamy-white blooms of ‘Moon Silk’ are a delicate early summer display. This 1990 introduction is nicely contrasted by the thin, strap-like leaves that are dark green and held quite upright. It is best grown in evenly moist soils with part to full sun. Grows 24-36″ high by 24″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

irisqueenstiara (300x299)Iris ensata ‘Queen’s Tiara’ (syn. Iris kaempferi) – An elegant Japanese Iris with broad white falls (about 6″ wide with pale violet veining and a yellow flash) and contrasting royal purple standards. This species adapts to wet or boggy soils (like beside the pond) and the sturdy stems make for great cut flowers. Blooms in early summer. Grows 30-36″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

irisagain&again (300x298)Iris germanica ‘Again and Again’ – This Tall Bearded Iris was bred by Innerst and introduced in 1999. It is a re-blooming type with fragrant soft yellow flowers and white markings around the beard – usually blooming mid to late spring and repeating in early fall (may bloom multiple times in warmer zones). A cross of ‘Renown’ and ‘Anxious’. Grows 28-36″ high. Zone 3.

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